I Wonder

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I wonder …

This phrase is important in my life as a parent, teacher, writer, and speaker as it conveys the message that I am a learner first and foremost. I want to learn and grow and do all that I can to be a better parent and educator.

I wonder… What a beautiful way to open a conversation about anything with a child. Just say out loud what you’re wondering about in your head. Think of connecting your wonder thoughts to a child’s five senses, even for a little one who cannot yet tell you what she’s thinking. Pause a moment and let your child’s brain take the challenge.

“I wonder what your eyes will see in this book.”

“I wonder what this new snack will taste like.”

“I wonder if that flower smells sweet. I wonder if the bark of a tree smells like a flower.”

“I wonder how you did that all by yourself.”

“I wonder if my puppet will say her name. Let’s listen.”

“I wonder why some music is loud and some is soft.”

“I wonder where the stars go in the daytime.”

“I wonder why the sun isn’t shining today.”

You get the idea. Be careful! This is habit forming!

I wonder how many conversations you’ll have with your infant or child today.

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