As an early childhood consultant, I know how eager parents are to give their children the very best start in life. As a mother of four myself, I know parents want their children to succeed in school and everything they choose to do.

Parents are hungry for information about how to help their children learn and think well in their earliest years. At the same time, they are challenged by time constraints and the sometimes conflicting requirements of work, home, and family. This is what motivates me to share with you the knowledge I have gained in twenty-four years as a speaker, author, teacher, and early literacy specialist.

On this site, I’ll be posting articles about “everyday” learning for children birth to age 5. Both at-home and working parents can easily incorporate the practical ideas into their daily routines.

Look on my calendar for workshop and speaking sessions. Come learn about language, literacy, child development, and the power of a parent’s words in the vital early years.

More soon! I’m glad you’re here. –Jan

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