Koala Lou by Mem Fox

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Koala Lou by Mem Fox is a precious story about a mother’s unconditional love for her little one, no matter what.

“Koala Lou, I DO love you,” says little Koala’s mother, a hundred times a day. Every time Koa Lou giggles or climbs a gum tree all by herself, Mother Koala smiles and says, “Koala Lou, I DO love you.”

Over time, the Koala family grows and mother gets busy juggling many Koala children. Feeling left out, Koala Lou enters the Australian Bush Olympics determined to win first place and earn her mother’s loving words.

Mem Fox has a marvelous way of connecting to the emotions of a child. I read Koala Lou to my first born after the arrival of a second baby. I had three purposes in mind: to open up conversations about her feelings, assure her I’d never be too busy to love her just the same, and to set the stage for using her name in the phrase, “Koala Lou, I DO Love you.”

So snuggle up with your little one, read aloud Mem’s story about a cuddly koala and her mommy, and on the last line, put your child’s name in the phrase, “______ Lou, I DO love you.” Then hug her for a very long time.

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