Captain Small Pig

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Martin Waddell has done it again. Captain Small Pig, Martin’s newest work, captures a whimsical moment of childhood. Small Pig, a kindly Old Goat, and a bumptious Turkey spy a boat on Blue Lake. Small Pig, eager for adventure, wants to fish for whales as the three row off in the dinky boat. Fatherly Old Goat indulges Small Pig’s every wish with a reassuring helping hand. But grouchy Turkey sees only the negative, sputtering “I knew this would happen!” when the boat capsizes with a huge “Splooosh!”

Find a cozy spot with your child, snuggle up, and read aloud Captain Small Pig. The gentle, charming illustrations make you feel the emotions – Small Pig’s joy as the boat spins in circles, Old Goat’s encouragement, and finally, Turkey’s heart as he tenderly carries wet Small Pig home.

Your children want adventures, too. Have fun and play along. Like Old Goat, know the importance of small moments. Whether it’s rowing a boat or turning a cardboard box into a four-wheeler, you’re making a memory.

“I’m Captain Commander!” Small Pig said.

Turkey just shook his head sleepily.

“Aye aye, Captain Small Pig! said Old Goat.

“You are in charge of this boat.”

Captain Small Pig, by Martin Waddell

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