A Was Once an Apple Pie

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"A" Was Once an Apple Pie by Edward Lear; Illustrated by Suse MacDonald

A Was Once an Apple Pie, written by Edward Lear & adapted by Suse McDonald, is a collection of giggly, wiggly rhymes for read aloud fun. Little ones adore the fancy word play in these verses.

P was once a little pig,

Piggy, wiggy, jiggy, piggy,

Plump and biggy, little pig!

Each rhyme is paired with a letter of the alphabet. McDonald’s bright, bold paper collage illustrations capture a child’s attention and highlight a letter and character on every page. Try pointing to them as you read aloud. Pick a favorite verse, and march around the house banging the beat with a kitchen pan and wooden spoon. Soon, you’ll be chanting the rhymes in the car as you travel around town. Children are quick to see the same letters in signs and other read-aloud stories.

A collection of alphabet books and poems is a must-have in your read aloud bin.

For infants and toddlers, the steady beat is essential for hearing sound patterns. For our preschoolers, learning the alphabet has never been so much fun.

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