The Lion and the Mouse

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Each year, the Randolph Caldecott Medal is awarded to the most distinguished picture book published in the United Sates. This year, the award-winning artist Jerry Pinkney received the Caldecott Medal for his stunning adaptation of The Lion and the Mouse. One of Aesop’s most beloved fables, the wordless story of a magnificent lion and a brave mouse is told in captivating and brilliant paintings.

Pinkney gives both creatures equal honor, space, and size on his book jacket. “I’ve come to appreciate how both animals are equally large at heart: the courageous mouse, and the lion who must rise above his beastly nature to set his small prey free.”

Jed Perl, in his article for The New Republic, defends the imaginative power of picture books. “Children love to weave stories around pictures,” he writes. ”When children look at pictures – and daydream with pictures – they discover that seeing is a kind of knowing. The eye plays with the images and the imagination is thereby sharpened, refined.”

As in the masterpiece, The Lion and the Mouse, the pictures tell the story. But it’s your child’s imagination that weaves the story and pictures together.

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