Ten Little FINGERS and Ten Little TOES

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“As everyone knows, nothing is sweeter than tiny baby fingers and chubby baby toes.” –Mem Fox

In Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury, beloved and gifted picture-book creators, celebrate babies around the world. With bouncy, rhyming text, this delightful story is comforting and just right to read aloud at bedtime.

“There was one little baby who was born far away. And another who was born on the very next day. And both of these babies, as everyone knows, had ten little fingers and ten little toes.”

Multicultural pairs of babies are introduced with warm pencil & watercolor paintings. The endearing babies with different pudgy faces and personalities all share the same “tiny baby fingers and chubby baby toes.” After you read the last line together, be sure to give your baby three little kisses goodnight on the tip of her nose!

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