Praise Her Effort

in Everyday Learning

“Look at me. I did it!”

“We know that just being smart has never guaranteed success. Effort is the key. Praise your child for working hard. This appeals to controllable effort rather than to uncontrollable talent.” — Dr. John Medina

“You did it, Gracie! That was a lot of play dough to cram in the tub.”

“Way to go, Cole. You put your pajamas on by yourself. You make yourself proud.”

“The spoons are in the dishwasher, Luke. Yesss! Look at this clean kitchen!”

“Wow, Brooke! You “read” all the pictures in the story by yourself. Now let’s read the words together.”

“Graysen, you helped your sister find her tennis shoes. That took a lot of looking! Give yourself a pat on the back!”

These encouraging words of praise describe effort. You shape good behavior by praising what you see. Pay attention to all the small steps it takes a child to accomplish something. Praise the behavior, not the child, and let her conclude her effort alone is praiseworthy. She makes herself proud!

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