The Pressure of Technolgy

in Early Childhood in the News

Technology continues to move forward. We read about advances every week.

How can this possibly affect you if your child is but an infant or toddler?

The Nintendo 3DS is coming in February. Daisuke Wakabayshi says this in The Wall Street Journal,al, “This device will allow children to play 3-D games without the protective glasses to create the illusion of depth. The Nintendo Co. itself has issued a warning that children under the age of 6 should not play this hand-held game machine. Looking at 3-D images for a long time could have a negative impact on the growth of their eyes.”

Be aware. Be knowledgeable about how children really learn. Be determined to keep these devices away from your child. Tap into your child’s senses and talk about everything. Be ready to hand your child a book or a ball, not your hypnotizing hand-held device. Gaming is not an educational toy. There is no language. Your little one needs your conversation and your playful interaction.

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