A Story Begins with the Cover

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The next time you read a story to your child, take a minute to focus on the cover.

The picture on the story’s cover is a golden opportunity to wonder what the story is all about. Make it a game. Giggle at your story ideas and, together, guess the ending. The author and illustrator carefully craft illustrations on the cover and title page to invite this kind of guessing fun. Your child learns how to make meaning of a story before he hears the words read aloud.

To Market, To Market by Anne Miranda is a delightful, patterned story with hilarious characters. Janet Steven’s picture of the old woman on the front cover makes you chuckle out loud. Wonder together about this zany lady. Why does she have a goose on her head? Laugh at her fat purple shoes on the title page. Notice the black and white photography with some added splashes of color.

A simple visit to the market becomes utter chaos!

“Where space allows, have your home library books positioned on the shelf with the cover facing out. Decades ago, publishers discovered the impact covers have on reading selection. When the cover can be seen, it stimulates the child’s curiosity, causing him to wonder what is happening in both the picture and book.” –Jim Trelease, The New Read-Aloud Handbook

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