Rhythm and Rhyme at the Market

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“If a book makes children laugh, cry, squeal, shiver, or wriggle and jiggle in some way, it takes up residence in their hearts and stays there.” –Mem Fox

And so it is with the book I introduced in the last blog:

To market, to market,
to buy a fat PIG.
Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

The story is hilarious. A zany lady, with a yellow hat and purple shoes, buys farm animals at a market. One by one, she brings them home – a red hen, a plump goose, a live trout. Each animal brings household chaos, utter disaster in a very small kitchen.

Not only is Anne Miranda’s To Market, To Market a fun read aloud, it’s also full of rhythm and rhyme. The words have a steady beat. You’ll feel the rhythm as you read out loud to your little one. That steady beat actually helps your child memorize the rhyming pattern.

Every page has a rhyming pair. With your voice, you can emphasize the words that rhyme. They are wonderful words for a child to hear and learn.

“Rhymers will be readers: it’s that simple.” — Mem Fox

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