Gently Into Sleep: A Bedtime Ritual

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gently into sleepBedtime is a precious time with your child. It means together time, but it also means separation, and sometimes tears. I found the answer! Gently into Sleep: A Bedtime Ritual (for ages two to six) by Marjorie R. Nelsen is a child’s delightful, interactive bedtime routine with a definite beginning and a definite no-tears ending.

Children love rituals because they know what’s coming next. The very best routine is the one they can see in pictures. That’s why this charming storybook visually leads your child to bed, ready to sleep!

The magic of Gently into Sleep is in the pockets. There are eight cheery picture cards for your child to sequence into the colorful double-folded pocket pages of the book. Voila! She creates the steps of her own bedtime ritual. And as the author says, “When you give a child ownership, you open the door to her cooperation. It’s the child’s routine, so she follows it page by page. Happily. Right into bed!”

Gently into Sleep is exactly what you dreamed bedtime to be – the perfect, sweet closure to a busy day. Oh, the joy!

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