A Child’s Book of Responsibilities: Developing Self-Reliance Through Guided Tasks

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child's book of responsibilitiesNurturing competence in your child is a beautiful process. Parents love A Child’s Book of Responsibilities by Marjorie R. Nelsen because it does away with the power plays that exhaust them. Even at the age of three, children can help at home with chores. This artsy little book, full of fun and child-appeal, really does develop self-reliance.

A Child’s Book of Responsibilities, ages 3 – 8 years, has a hands-on format just right for little hands. There are ten clever category cards of daily and weekly responsibilities. Each brightly colored card features a charming “bear child” doing age-appropriate tasks.

But the choices belong to your child. She chooses the category such as Clothes, Toys, and Belongings, and the task (listed for you on the back of each card). When she completes the daily (or weekly) task, she moves the card herself to the “I did it!” pocket page. That’s the delight of a child! And yours too, as you celebrate each success with a smile and a hearty high-five.

The Great, 10-Minute Family Clean-Up card is hilarious! It’s a whirlwind clean-up, inside or outside, for the whole family. The task includes a timer, a whistle, family hugs, and “Let’s do it again, pleassse!”

I love this book because there are no stickers or star charts to post, no new tasks to think up. It’s all done and contained in one book. A Child’s Book of Responsibilities is the most effective celebration of family teamwork I’ve ever seen.

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