Does Handwriting Matter?

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Writing & Craft Supplies in a Child’s Playroom at Home

As communication by keyboards big and small increases, studies reveal that writing by hand decreases. But it is writing by hand that helps a child’s brain develop, and improves memory and confidence. Handwriting is a part of play that engages the child in learning far beyond keyboarding.

In the Los Angeles Times, Julie Deardoff reports that “the benefits of gripping and moving a pen or pencil reach beyond communication. Handwriting increases brain activity, hones fine motor skills, and can predict a child’s academic success in ways the keyboarding can’t.”

From drawing to scribbling to writing, make writing by hand a part of open-ended play in your home. Write with your child during playtime and show how writing by hand works.

Learn 10 ways you can incorporate writing play into your everyday living…

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