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sugar packets

Creating a simple pattern with sugar packets

It’s not easy for a child to wait for food at a restaurant, stand in line at the post office, or wait in the grocery check out line.

It’s tempting to stuff electronic gadgets in your purse, just in case. But electronics do the thinking for children. There’s no opportunity for your child to generate new ideas and put those ideas to work solving problems. And, there’s no replacement for social interaction with grownups.

At Playful Early Learners, everyday learning matters.  Everyday learning is what moms and dads can do with wait time, car time, dinnertime, outside time, and bedtime. And language matters. Make conversation and creative, spontaneous play a vital part of your child’s day, no matter where you are.

Here are some simple ideas to turn unexpected wait time into experiences of learning, on the spot. Encourage your child to:

  • Talk about everything you see. Find something round or square. Look for letters and numbers.
  • Create simple patterns with objects, use colors, shapes, sizes, and even texture.
  •  Hear rhyming words. Start rhyming with your child’s own name.
  •  Play “pretend.” “I’m pretending a rabbit hopped into the post office. What should we do?” “I’m pretending …”

Put storybooks, activity books, and composition books with blank paper in the car, and don’t forget that fresh, new box of crayons!

Look at the world around you as full of opportunities to explore words and ideas with your young child.

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