How to Heal a Broken Wing

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“No one saw the bird fall. Only young Will noticed it lying injured on the ground. Only he stopped to help.”

Bob Graham, an Australian children’s author and illustrator, has written How to Heal a Broken Wing, a tender, simple story of hope and healing. With little text and stunning watercolor  illustrations, Graham gently expresses the emotions of a boy and his family who help an injured bird.

At first, Graham shows a busy city with little color and emotion. But turn the page and you instantly see the boy’s red jacket as he lifts the injured bird off the concrete. The following pages are full of bright, hopeful colors as the boy helps bandage and heal the bird’s broken wing.

“A loose feather can’t be put back…but a broken wing can sometimes heal.”

Look for the loose feather in every picture as you cuddle up with your little one for this heart warming read aloud.

  • Study the details of every picture
  • Look for splashes of color, like the boy’s red jacket
  • Talk about the loose feather and the boy’s feelings
  • Use wonderful words like enormous, congestion, subway, injured
  • Find the pictures that show nighttime and daytime, buildings up close and far away

The emotion and depth of Graham’s artwork helps you see something new each time you visit this remarkable story.

“I wanted to show that there is still hope in a coming generation of children who have curiosity and empathy with the world around them, and that care and attention can sometimes fix broken wings.” — Bob Graham

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