Be Aware! Video Screens are Everywhere!

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Whether it’s TV, the computer, the iPhone, or Nintendo DS, parents are once again encouraged to limit the screen time of their young children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued this warning again: “Parents of infants and toddlers should limit the time their children spend in front of screens, including educational games and grown up shows playing in the background. Screen time provides no educational benefits for children under age 2.”

Dr. Ari Brown, pediatrician and the lead author of the academy’s policy adds, “We had to revisit this issue. Video screens are everywhere now, and this message is much more relevant today than it was a decade ago.”

Be aware. Be knowledgeable about how children really learn. Be determined to keep these devices way from your child. Tap into your child’s senses and talk about everything. Be ready to hand your child a book or a ball, not your hypnotizing hand-held device. Gaming is not an educational toy. There is no language. Your little one needs your conversation and your playful interaction.

A child learns best through active participation with:

  • Parents who talk to him – a lot
  • Active, open-ended play with imagination
  • Story books read aloud
  • Outside play with exercise
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