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Ten Little CaterpillarsQuality picture books that make children laugh, wriggle and jiggle, and learn something new every time they open the cover, are gems. They are written and illustrated for that purpose.

And so it is with Ten Little Caterpillars. Bill Martin Jr. and Lois Ehlert, giants in the field of children’s literature, have come together again with a fascinating caterpillar counting rhyme.

This story has rhythm and rhyming words, counting and counting words, and action and action words. Ehlert’s stunning, watercolor pictures show caterpillar adventures with each plant and animal labeled in detail.

This book is perfect for little ones of all ages.

Here are ideas for learning fun with Ten Little Caterpillars:

  • Find the caterpillar in each picture
  • Talk about each caterpillar’s color and shape
  • Notice how each caterpillar moves (action word)
  • Count the caterpillars and repeat the ordinal numbers
  • Notice the different habitats for each caterpillar
  • Read the labels Ehlert uses in her drawings
  • Match the caterpillars to their names in the back of the book
  • On the last few pages, notice which caterpillars become butterflies and which become moths
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