Nancy Tafuri, Beloved Children’s Author

in Recommended Books

In the Playful Early Learner’s workshop program, I discuss with parents the best authors for birth to age 5. Nancy Tafuri remains among the finest for birth to age 2.

With her large, watercolor pictures, Tafuri creates stunning images just for little ones. Whether the story has a cuddly bunny, a silly goose, or a plump squirrel, each creature is drawn with tender care for the hearts of children.

Tafuri has written and illustrated more than 45 books for children and received the Caldecott Honor for Have You Seen My Duckling? Her words are simple and precise, perfect for little ones who need heartwarming tales.

All Kinds Of Kisses, Tafuri’s latest work, is a tender story of farm animals loving their babies with all kinds of kisses. Cheep kisses, mooo kisses, maaa kisses, and oink kisses. Tafuri’s illustrations of animals and their comforting messages of love are extraordinary. This book is soon to be another classic bedtime story.

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