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Press Here by Hervé Tulletis an interactive storybook at its best. With imagination and playfulness, Tullet uses colorful dots in primary colors to involve a child on every page. Reading aloud has never been so much fun!

Designed for pressing and tapping, the cover is thick and sturdy, the pages thick and glossy. Each page invites a child to press, rub, tap, shake, tilt, blow or clap the circles. Every direction is followed by specific praise. “Great,” “Perfect,” “Well Done,” and “Fabulous.” I love the encouragement. A child can’t wait to turn the page and try something more.

From toddlers to preschoolers, Press Here is magical. It captivates children and enthralls grownups. It’s simply brilliant.

On the last page, Tullet asks, “BRAVO! Want to do it all over again?”

Without hesitation, children and grownups alike say, “YES”!

Ideas for reading fun. Simple activities to reinforce basic reading concepts.

Before you read:

  • Turn to the inside cover. Point to the dots and name the colors.
  • Press the dots left to right to the end of the row. Then swoop back left again to the next row.
  • Press one dot lightly. Rub two dots hard. Tap three. Blow four.

After you read:

  • Go on a circle hunt. Find circle shapes around the house.
  • Go on a color hunt. Name the primary colors you see.
  • Clap loud; clap soft. Clap high; clap low. Clap to the right and clap to the left.
  • Shake your hands fast, then slow. Shake high and low. Shake in front of you, and shake behind you.

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