Birth to Five Matters Most

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In a recent video interview for Big Think, foremost educational historian Diane Ravitch points out that it isn’t K-12 teachers who are most responsible for children’s learning success. It’s their family.

“Before they’ve ever stepped foot in school, there are dramatic developmental differences between children…Children’s brains and children’s attitudes are formed in the first five years of life. And children’s opportunity to learn is affected by the homes in which they grow, the communities in which they grow, their respect for learning, their respect for teachers.

Despite policy making and good intentions on the part of politicians, it is indisputable that learning begins at birth. Ravitch says, “There is a kind of wiser understanding that recognizes that children’s first educator is their family, and that nurturance really matters.”

Playful Early Learners equips parents and caregivers with practical, everyday ideas for learning birth to 5. This in turn supports teachers. Children enter school ready to learn.

Through parent education, we help close the gap of developmental differences evident on the first day of preschool.

Read the blogs, grab the book lists, attend a workshop. Understand each stage of your child’s development, and learn the stepping stones to school success. It all begins at birth.

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