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You’ll love this story from Kelly. She and her husband attended the Playful Early Learners workshop program with their infant daughter. Amazing parents, they were eager participants and loved trying new ideas from each session.

Although Kelly didn’t intend it when she wrote, she is my guest blogger today. Kelly’s words and photos delightfully tell her story.

Hi Jan,

I have something so exciting to share with you. After 2 weeks of watching, it was time to photograph it and send the photos your way.

Each day, before our baby girl (9 mos) goes down for her 11:30am nap, I bring her over to her bookshelf and stand her up in front of it. At first, she was pretty wobbly but over time, she became very good at standing up by herself with something sturdy to hold onto.

Over the past couple of weeks, our daughter has gone from simply reaching over and touching her books, to actually grabbing one off the shelf. Once she gets the book she wants in her hands, she lets go of the bookshelf and uses both hands to hold onto the book. That’s when our baby slowly starts to fall backwards… luckily good ole mom is sitting right there so that she lands in my lap.

Then we proceed to read the book she has picked out. Most times when we try to read the storybooks, she grabs them, closes them, and then chews on them. For some reason, at this time each day, she lets me read the full book to her. She sits quietly. Once the story is over, I pick her up and, contented, she goes down for her nap.

It is just the neatest thing to see, and every day, I can’t help but think about you and how proud you would be.

Thank you for all the great takeaways from the program that continue to be part of our daily activities!


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