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Pam attended the Playful Early Learners workshop program with her infant daughter. Pam loved trying new ideas from each session. She used the class book lists, and both she and her husband read aloud to their daughter from birth.

I appreciate her words of encouragement:

Dear Jan,

I want to thank you again for all I learned in your workshop.

Our 2-year-old is doing great in speech development. She has started to memorize some books or parts of them and has an overall love of reading.

I give you credit not for telling me to read to her, but for encouraging me to do it as often as I do, and in the fun way that I do.

Your guidance will stay with me for a lifetime and I know our daughter will always benefit from it!  I continue to follow your website.  Thank you for updating it frequently and thanks again for making such an impact on my life and that of our daughter!


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