A Boy and His Big Imagination

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Tex, a captivating children’s book by Dorie McCullough Lawson, features a boy and his big imagination.  With stunning photographs and simple words, Luke, who lives near the ocean, dreams of being a cowboy on a cattle ranch.

In Luke’s dream, he’s Tex, a little cowboy who works hard all day long. With his cowdog Sue, and his horse Thunder, Tex checks fences with Cowboy Jim. He irrigates the land, rounds up the cows, plows the fields, and takes a little rest at the end of the day.

The rich photographs make this story irresistible. Each page makes you feel what Tex feels while you experience his western adventure. You’ll want to ride the open range, sleep in the bunkhouse, and steer the tractor. On the last page, the story ends with a sweet good-night that shows it was all a dream. “It’s been a long day for a cowboy. So long, Tex.”

Would you ever guess that nonfiction can be so much fun?

Playful Early Learning:


  • Look at the picture on the cover
  • Talk about Tex, his clothes, rope, and boots
  • Find the cow in the distance


  • Read aloud slowly, and pause after each picture
  • Repeat some wonderful words such as ranch, bunkhouse, irrigates, fence, and herd


  • Look for details in the pictures, and name what you see
  • Find the day-to-day activities on a working ranch
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