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Lorena and her husband attended the Playful Early Learners workshop program with their baby girl. Wonderful parents, they were eager participants and loved trying new ideas.

Lorena shared, “Thanks, Jan! We learned so much!!! We learned to stay positive, have fun with our daughter, and practice the four emotional development nuggets. We especially love the writing notes idea and the book lists for reading aloud. Every time our child sees a book she gets soooo excited!!”

Lorena’s baby girl is now almost two. Recently, mom shared a picture of her little girl’s new writing area in their home. I love this! Practical and inviting, this creative space is terrific for writing fun.

Mom wrote, “When she saw it this morning, her expression was priceless. It made our day and all the hard work so worth it. I’m teaching her now which writing tool is right for each board. After showing her a couple of times, she got it. Love, love this age! Thanks again, Jan!”

Some words of encouragement:

  • Writing begins in the home. Be sure to include writing fun in your home.
  • Drawing and writing by hand are essential skills in early childhood.
  • Draw, scribble, and write together with lots of color and imagination.

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