The Simply Splendid Cake

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“Who will help me gather the ingredients?”

“Not I,” said the cat.

“Not I,” said the rat.

“Bribbit,” said the frog.

The  father and daughter team of Rebecca Emberly (Author) and Ed Emberly (Illustrator) collaborate to create a delightful twist on the classic folktale, The Little Red Hen. Red Hen finds a cake recipe and asks her friends to help. Cat, Rat, and Frog want no part in the cake preparations. They leave all the work to Red Hen, and wait to taste the Simply Splendid Cake as it comes out of the oven.

The bright, bold collage pictures are stunning, and the comical, goofy characters make you laugh. The text is simple, repetitive, and easy for little ones of all ages to chime in on every page. A perfect read-aloud for story time.

Playful Early Learning

Before Reading:

  • Look at the cover and ask your child what she sees.
  • Find the blackbirds. Ask why they are there.

During Reading:

  • Use an animated voice; make your voice go high and low.
  • Invite your child to “read” with you on every refrain.
  • Ask your child what she sees as you point to the pictures.

After Reading:

  • Find simple shapes like the circle, square, and star.
  • Use the recipe for Hen’s Splendid Cake and make a cake to share.
  • Read aloud the classic folk tale, The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone.
  • Compare the characters of the two versions.
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