Blue Sky

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What do you see when you look up at the sky?

Is it sunny today? Is it stormy? Is there a rainbow?

With simple words and stunning pictures, Audrey Wood captures the beauty of the constantly changing sky. A curly-haired boy, his family, and his floppy stuffed monkey look up to see what’s happening in the sky above.

Each two-page spread has only two words to shape and describe a sky scene. The pictures themselves help readers guess what words describe the sky above. “Cloud sky” has letters shaped like the surrounding puffy clouds. “Rain sky” has letters that drip down into the boy’s out stretched hand, and “Star sky” letters twinkle in a magical sky crowded with twinkling stars.

Wood, a prize-winning writer and illustrator, extends a simple invitation to watch the magnificent sky above. She captures the curiosity of childhood with words that invite little ones to see the world with new eyes.

Read Blue Sky to your little one. Look out a window and use your own two words to describe the sky above. You may see a dark sky, a moon sky, or a storm sky. Imagine a dream sky or a birthday sky. Have fun using new words to describe the dramatic skyscapes throughout the day and night.

The “sky’s” the limit!

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