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More“When is more more than enough?”

With simple words and breathtaking pictures, Springman and Lies create a number book to help young children see how much is too much.

A busy magpie fills his nests to the brim with stuff, loads of stuff. His nests are so loaded down with trinkets, they break apart and fall out of the tree. A team of well-intentioned mice save their friend from collecting too much as they find just the right stuff to keep.

MORE introduces children to the concepts of number words like few and several, more and less, lots and plenty, and the extraordinary details in the illustrations make children feel they can fairly push the objects out of the crowded nests.

Children love Magpie’s beauty and the kind, gentle faces of the mice who teach this lesson to little learners: “One magpie, lots of stuff, and a few friendly mice show us that less is MORE.”

Playful Early Learning:

  • Look at the cover. Find the band on Magpie’s foot and read the number. Notice it’s the same number on magpie’s foot throughout the story. Now we know it’s the same magpie!
  • On the title page, note the Magpie’s nest is empty. And, on the first page there are no words. Why?
  • Find the page that says “few.” How many things make a few?
  • Do the same with several. How many things make several?
  • Find the page that says “lots.” Name all the objects in Magpie’s mouth. Try to find those same trinkets on other pages.
  • Play “I Spy.” Find a picture with loads of stuff and say, “I spy a harmonica.” Your child finds the harmonica and takes the next turn. “I spy a ______.”
  • When you read aloud, be sure to say “Enough!” with gusto!

Note: This less-is-more story is perfect for the car when your little one needs something “more” to do.

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