A GentleTale of Sharing, Caring, and Friendship

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“It was almost winter
And Bear was getting sleepy.
But first, Bear had a story to tell.”

Bear Has a Story to Tell  by Philip C. Stead, a gentle tale of sharing, caring and friendship,  is a beautiful companion to Philip and Erin Stead’s A Sick Day for Amos McGee (2011 Caldecott Medal) and And Then It’s Spring.

With stunning, watercolor pictures, Erin Stead captures the gentleness and patience of Bear.

Kind Bear had a story to share before his long winter nap. But Bear’s friends were too busy to listen. They had to get ready for winter. Being a good friend, Bear helps.

His acts of kindness like finding seeds for Mouse, checking the wind for Duck, and tucking Frog into a bed of leaves are tender moments of caring for others.

After months of winter sleep, Bear gathers his friends to begin his long-awaited tale. “But winter is a very long time for a bear to remember.” So Mouse, Duck, Frog and Mole offer prompts. Of course, Bear’s story is about a bear, his sweet friends, and the busy time just before winter.

Stead’s endearing read-aloud of a kindhearted bear with a story to tell deserves a place on every child’s bookshelf.

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