Bear’s Loose Tooth

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“As Bear nibbled food,
something moved when he chewed!
It was … Bear’s loose tooth!”

Karma Wilson’s delightful story, Bear’s Loose Tooth, captures the emotions of a child losing a first baby tooth. Bear and his friends are munching lunch when suddenly, Bear’s tooth wiggles and jiggles inside his mouth. He asks his friends the same questions any child with a loose tooth might ask, “How does it come out?  Will it hurt? How will I eat if my tooth says good-bye?”

His friends reassure a teary, worried Bear with helpful words. “I know what to do!” said Wren. “It’s out with the old and in with the new!” Each friend pulls, wiggles and pries Bear’s loose tooth. But the tooth doesn’t budge. Until, with a prod from his tongue, Bear pops it out himself!

Bear’s Loose Tooth is perfect for a little one’s wonder and fear of losing a tooth. Wilson’s rhyming text helps children find fun and comfort in this perfectly natural event. Jan Chapman’s endearing pictures bring the lovable characters to life. The expressions on Bear’s face are exceptional. You can’t help but want to hug the bear, dance with the bunny, and tickle the mole.

In the Playful Early Learners workshops I show parents there’s a storybook for all the social-emotional events of early childhood. This one is no exception. Bear’s Loose Tooth will delight any child who’s ever had a wiggly, wobbly tooth.

Playful Early Learning:

  • Find Bear on the cover
  • Pretend to “wiggle” bear’s teeth. Is this one loose? How about this one?
  • Name Bear’s friends. Pretend to munch and crunch and  “savor every bite” of their lunch.
  • Let your voice show the increasing fret and fuss as Bear’s friends try to help.
  • Dance together with excitement when Bear’s tooth falls out.
  • Talk to your little one about fairies and make believe.
  • Enjoy a sweet treat together, hopefully with blueberries.
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