Oh, No!

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Frog fell into such a deep hole, he couldn’t get out to save his soul.

Croaked Frog, “Help! Help! I can’t get out!

Oh, No!

— from Oh, No! by Candace Fleming and Illustrated by Eric Rohmann

When bandy-legged frog tumbles down a deep, dark hole, his faithful friends, timid Mouse, serious Loris, clever Sun Bear, and fun Monkey all try to save him. One by one they tumble down the hole as a lurking, hungry Tiger eagerly waits close by.

Candace Fleming’s new, lively storybook with bouncy rhyme and animal sounds is perfect for reading aloud to children from age three and up. The rhyming words and clever repetitive phrases, such as “Oh, No!”, invite little ones to join in and read along. They love finding the Tiger hiding in the jungle. The suspense and anticipation are terrific for repeated readings.

Eric Rohmann, a Caldecott winner, draws an adventure on every page. The artwork is stunning; the animal faces remarkable. Children find new details each time the  story is read aloud. And just when you think the animals are truly stuck deep in the hole, a surprise animal friend saves the day! (Be sure to check the picture on the inside, back cover for the clever ending.)

Oh, No! is a wonderful story for parent, grandparent, and child. Each page offers something to talk about. Add to that the lively text and your child will chant, “Read it again, read it again!”

Playful Early Learning:


  • Look at the cover and ask your child what she sees.
  • Open the book to see the front and back covers. Notice the jungle bamboo is a perfect hiding place for animals.


  • Read slooowly.
  • Use an animated voice; make your voice go high and low.
  • Invite your child to repeat “Oh, No!” as each animal falls.
  • Invite your child to imitate the quirky, animal sounds.


  • On the last page, imagine where the animal friends are going.
  • Check the picture on the inside, back cover.
  • Imagine what Tiger will do next.
  • Ask your child how he/she would have gotten out of the hole.
  • Read aloud Rohmann’s Caldecott Medal-winning My Friend Rabbit, another delightful story of animal friends with a problem to solve.
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