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We all love true-life stories with happy endings, like giving a child a love of books that lasts a lifetime. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

The love of books begins in the home, where side-by-side, parents and grandparents make the words and illustrations of extraordinary storybooks come alive for a little one.

So it was with Kristen. She and her husband attended my Playful Early Learning workshops and learned the right storybooks to read aloud. This kindled a new found love of books for her daughter.

Kristen shared her true-life story with me. I appreciate her words of encouragement.

Good morning Jan,

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Playful Early Learner’s program. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful book lists for children.

I thought I had the best books for my four-year-old daughter until our recent visit to our local library where we checked out several books from your recommended reading list. I explained to our girl that we would explore the books, and she could select six of her favorites for her home library.

What happened next pleased her dad and me so much! She wanted to participate in these stories and became more courageous with her words and sentences. Prior to this experience, although our daughter loved for us to read to her and even pretended to read to her dolls, dogs and toys,  she was always apprehensive to join in with the story.

However, with the books that you recommended, she became engaged and suddenly wanted to almost take over the reading on her own, sometimes directing me, “Mommy, pretend you do not know what this page says, and I will read it to you.” Many of the storybooks are repetitive and this created a lot of interest and fun for such a beginner reader. Not to mention the simple but animated and beautiful illustrations.

What tickled me most was last week when I returned home, our daughter raced to greet me with one of the new books, exclaiming, “I can read, Mommy, I can really read. Let me read this story to you.” It’s almost like a light switch went on, and her wonderful journey with books is just beginning.

Jan, for this I thank you! I had no idea there would be such a simple “fix” as revamping our daughter’s library. I look forward to seeing you in class again.

Warm regards,

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