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mommy book clubA parent and toddler playgroup is a great opportunity to introduce your little one to social life. Some children are already used to playgroups from regular time at day care or preschool. For others, it’s their first playtime experience with children, toys, and activities. Parents guide their toddlers to play alongside other children, the first step toward making friends.

Frequently, parents in birth or parenting classes swap email addresses and form a playgroup to stay in touch. Other times, the playgroup is more formal where parents have to sign up. Either way, children get lots of time for interaction with other kids. They use imagination and pretend play, and practice social skills and turn-taking while mom or dad are close by. In fact, grownups simply appreciate the time to talk and exchange ideas with other parents.

The “Mommy Book Club” is a themed playgroup created around beloved children’s storybooks. After attending the Playful Early Learners workshops, Bilynda put a playgroup together with the moms from class. The book club meets two times a month at a local playground. Moms bring the book lists they received at the workshop and share favorites, adding their own read-aloud ideas and activities.

It’s wonderful idea for a playgroup. Looking for good children’s books can be overwhelming, because there are so many to choose from. The book lists are invaluable as the Mommy Book Club helps moms highlight favorite storybook titles for particular ages.

Bilynda shared, “We named it the Mommy Book Club because we had all taken your class, and two years later we were still talking about favorite pictures books and authors when we met for play dates. We had to make the idea an official playgroup. See the lasting impression you made? It’s so inspiring. In fact, my theme for our little one’s two year party is The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Thanks for sharing, Bilynda.

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