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Time for a Hug by Phillis Gershator & Mim Green, Illustrated by David Walker

“Time for a hug!
You’ll hug me and I’ll hug you.
We’ll hug until the sun shines through.”

In this sweet picture book, Big Bunny hugs Little Bunny throughout a busy day of toddler activities because, “A hug feels good.”

A clock ticks off every hour as Big Bunny and Little Bunny bake a pie, make puppets, build with blocks, and snuggle up to read a story. They pause every hour for hugs, all the way to bedtime with, “A big bear hug and a little hug, too.”

Perfect for reading aloud, Gershator and Green’s tender story captures the activities that toddlers and preschoolers will recognize. Like Bunny, little ones explore, build, climb, chase, and do new things while you give love and approval for their very trying.

Walkers’s soft, pastel pictures bring the loveable bunnies to life. You can’t help but want to hug Little Bunny, bounce a ball, and chase a bug.

This read-aloud gem is perfect for your little one’s book-shelf. The reassuring rhymes encourage parents and grandparents to hug their little learners throughout the day because “Every hug says I LOVE YOU!”

Playful Early Learning

  • Find the green clock on the cover of the story and talk about the time.
  • Open the book to see the front and back covers. Notice the introduction to numbers.
  • Find the clocks throughout the story.
  • Let your voice show excitement when you read, “What time is it?” and invite your child to repeat, “Time for a Hug!”
  • After a few readings, pause for your child to fill in a rhyming word.
  • Share bear hugs and little hugs throughout the read-aloud.
  • Enjoy a hug at the end because “Every hug says I LOVE YOU!”
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