Little Mouse’s Big Secret

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In Little Mouse’s Big Secret by Éric Battut, Little Mouse finds a delicious apple on the ground. He decides to keep the treat for himself rather than share with his woodland friends, and he buries it in the earth.

One by one, Mouse’s friends ask, “What are you hiding?”

Mouse answers, “It’s my secret, and I’ll never tell.”

Problem is, when a tree sprouts from the seeds of the apple, Mouse can’t keep his secret any longer. A big apple tree looms over his head with plenty of juicy apples to share with his friends.

In his clever picture book, award-winning author & illustrator Éric Battut lets the pictures tell the story. Each yellow, two-page spread shows a small animal who asks Mouse to share his treat. Since Mouse can’t see the green tree that grows behind him, young children delight in knowing more than Mouse.

Little Mouse’s Big Secret is a sweet story that encourages little ones to share. When Mouse gets a whole tree full of apples and chooses to give one to each friend, children feel the joy in his generosity. Battut’s endearing pictures teach the lesson that “secrets are even better when you share them.”

Playful Early Learning

Before Reading:

  • Look at the cover. Contrast the size of the word BIG and the mouse.
  • Open the book to see the front and back inside covers. Notice all the apples.
  • Find one apple on the title page.

During Reading:

  • Read slooowly.
  • Use an animated voice; give mouse a high, squeaky sound.
  • As you read aloud, pay attention to the green tree that grows behind Mouse.
  • After a few readings, pause for your child to fill in the word secret.

After Reading:

  • Note how the apple tree changes in the story. Point to the stem, leaves, trunk, branches, apple blossoms and apples.
  • On the next to last page, imagine how the apples fall to the ground.
  • Enjoy an apple for snack. Be sure to cut it open crosswise, to see the star holding brown seeds.
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