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nighty-night-cooperNighty-Night, Cooper by Laura Numeroff and Lynn Munsinger, celebrates a loving bedtime routine.

A baby kangaroo named Cooper climbed out of his mama’s warm pouch. “I can’t sleep,” he said. “Please, can you sing, then I’ll go to my bed?”

Mama Kangaroo has an idea. She sings bedtime stories to well-known tunes and shares six new lullabies with her son.

She sings to the tune of  The Farmer in the Dell:

“A mouse got out of bed
A mouse got out of bed
He drank some milk and brushed his teeth
He is a sleepy-head…”

And sings to the Jingle Bells tune:

“Daddy bear, baby bear
Dancing everywhere
They dance all day
Until it’s night
And then they brush their hair! Oh…”

With each new song, Mama asks Cooper, “Are you getting sleepy?” and Cooper says, “A little bit.” Problem is, Mama Kangaroo is getting sleepy too! Which kangaroo will be the first one to drift off to sleep?

Laura Numeroff is the talented author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. In her outstanding 2013 storybook, she creates new rhyming couplets to sing along to the word patterns of familiar tunes. And Munsinger’s tender pictures capture the joy of singing a little one to sleep at bedtime.

Here is a storybook that’s sure to become an oft-sung favorite.

Playful Early Learning

  • Ask your child what she sees on the cover of the book
  • Open the book to see the front and back covers
  • Notice the mouse getting ready for bed
  • Read and sing aloud
  • Find the picture clue before each lullaby’s double-page spread
  • At the end, pick a new favorite lullaby to add to your own bedtime routine
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