Animal Opposites a Pop-Up Book by Petr Horacek

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petr-horacek-coverA quiet rabbit and a loud lion, a still sloth and a bouncy kangaroo – this charming, interactive board book for young children is all about pop-up fun. A Parents Best Book of the year, Horacek’s lift-the-flap design introduces little ones to the concept of opposites.

Children are captivated by the board book’s design. There is so much to see and do. The author introduces 20 animals and the differences between them on bright and eye-catching pages. Both the letters in the words and the real-life paintings help a child guess the animal and its opposite. The flap has the answer and little ones can’t wait to see the animal “unfold” off the page!

Looking for good board books can be overwhelming. There is so much to choose from. Keep in mind that lift-the-flap board books, like Animal Opposites, are appealing for toddlers whose bodies want to move.

Gather a board book collection. Keep one or two in your car to entertain your little one. The pop-up animals and interactive flaps of this one make early learning fun.

A good board book is timeless.

Playful Early Learning:

  • Look at the cover and ask your child what she sees.
  • Name the animals on the front and back covers.
  • Turn the pages together. On the left side of each spread, look for clues in both the letters and the picture to guess the hidden animal.
  • Predict each animal’s opposite before you lift the flap.
  • And the next time you read aloud Animal Opposites, be sure to roar with the lion, bounce with the kangaroo, bellow with the gorilla, and trumpet with the elephant.
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