A Butterfly Hatchery

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JM & Her ButterflySummer is a golden time to enjoy outdoor activities with your child. Look at your backyard as full of opportunities to explore words and ideas. Here’s an example from daddy Don. He and his daughter kept a daily account of their Monarch hatchery on the back porch.

Although Don didn’t intend it when he wrote, he is my guest blogger today. Don’s words and photos tell his delightful story.

“The caterpillars were hatched from eggs which the Monarch butterflies deposit on milkweed and other host plants. We take the leaf with the eggs and put it in a smaller container until they hatch. We transfer the caterpillars to the ‘tent’ (a bed canopy from IKEA $20) and replace the milkweed (in gallon containers) as they eat the leaves down. When the time comes, they climb to the top of the canopy, assume a ‘J’ shape and form the chrysalis. They incubate for 6 – 10 days and emerge as Monarch butterflies. My daughter is totally into it.

Thank you, Don, for sharing your journal and your daughter’s butterfly encounter. It’s a fascinating experience; early learning at its best. I recommend these butterfly storybooks:

  • Ten Little Caterpillars, by Bill Martin
  • Waiting for Wingers, by Lois Ehlert

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