Baby & Toddler: The Essential First Years

Learning begins at birth. Your baby learns from you, in person, and from everything that’s around her. This program equips parents and caregivers with practical, everyday ideas for learning in the essential first two years.

This workshop will help you understand the emotional life of your little one, her brain and how it’s wired, her need for human faces. We’ll discuss bilingualism and equipping a child for language success. These fundamentals aren’t fancy, just easy to do. Your little one’s learning is worth every minute.


Emotions, Language Learning and the Brain

father and son at playRaise a happy child. Understand the emotions that drive your little one’s behavior. See baby’s feelings from her point of view, day-to-day. Learn about your little ones’ brain, behavior, listening and talking. There is never a substitute for a parent’s time and tender care. Delight your child with simple songs, rhymes and chants, perfect for each stage of her language development.

Simple as that. Talking matters. Reading matters, even to an infant—because words matter.

You’ll learn about your baby/toddler’s:

  • Emotional life -emotions must be central
  • Language learning – loving songs, rhymes and stories
  • Brain and behavior – it’s not a race!
  • Attachment and separation – bonding, stress and safety
  • Bilingualism/second language learning – each family is unique

Picture Book Learning

father and children readingHere’s a beautiful beginning to a lifetime of loving books. Learn how to read out loud from birth and set the skill of listening. Delight your child with extraordinary storybooks, perfect for each stage of baby and toddler development. These stories with their familiar themes, playful rhyming words, and stunning art work will capture your children’s hearts. Technology continues to move forward. We read about advances every week. How can this possibly affect you if your child is but an infant or toddler?

You’ll learn about your baby/toddler’s:

  • Word-play – growing her vocabulary
  • Board book and picture book collection – perfect for baby & toddler
  • Baby games, rhymes, & songs – perfect for the age
  • Exposure to TV and screens – the effect it has on children under 2

Playful Learning

boy and strawberriesWhat’s best for our youngest minds? Play and the profound learning that goes with it.  Little ones learn best from playing and exploring the world in a safe secure setting. In fact, a child’s everyday play is much like a set of scientific experiments about sensory learning. Discuss playthings and playrooms, rough and tumble play, and exploring the out of doors. See how to turn outside sounds and sights into learning.

You’ll also learn about baby and toddler sleep patterns, music listening, and music play.

You’ll learn about your baby/toddler’s:

  • Sensory play – baby games, toys, and language builders
  • Musical storytelling – the birth of a beat
  • Sleep patterns – newborn and older baby sleep
  • Curiosity – turn outside sounds and sights into learning

Parents, you have enormous influence on your child’s whole way of being, from her intense emotions, to her listening and speaking, to her creative thinking. This program will provide you with kind, reassuring guidance on practical early learning issues during the first two years to help you understand and respond to your baby and toddler.

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