Childhood Emotions, Early Learning & Play 2-5 Yrs


Mother teaching her little child

Language Shapes Thinking

You are a powerful language coach as you grow your child’s vocabulary in everyday conversations into a huge reservoir of words. Learn how a rich vocabulary, songs, rhymes, and stories shape language and profound thinking in the early years.

A bedtime story

Learning with Magical Read-Alouds

Discover how learning to read starts in early childhood in the home. Delight your child with extraordinary storybooks, perfect for each stage of development. Hear enchanting story language and read-aloud routines that catapult your child into reading success.


Storytelling to Scribbling to Writing

Captivate your child’s imagination with spontaneous storytelling that leads to playful drawing and family writing fun. Learn how from birth, children grow from scribbling to ill-shaped letters to words that pour out a story on paper. Beautiful to see!

Lmotherandboys150Backyard Wonder to Little Professor

Inspire your child to listen well, look closely, and wonder about the world around him. Learn how to encourage the creativity, curiosity, persistence and problem-solving that will make your child a successful learner in school.

Other workshop topics available:

  • Emotional Development Tasks
  • Innate Temperaments
  • Discipline and the Brain
  • Technology, TV, and Toys

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