Just for Dads Workshop

It’s your turn, dads. Are you curious about what a little one learns in the early years? And how you make a difference in that learning? Discover how to father from the heart. Learn practical guidelines to help your child thrive. Today’s dad catches it from all sides. The pressure is on.

What you do right now effects your child for the rest of her life.

Dads will learn:

  • Why you father the heart of your child
  • What your baby’s emotional development is all about and the power of your words
  • Why knowing your child’s developmental tasks in the early years helps your parenting
  • The effect of screen time on children under the age of 3
  • Why talking and reading aloud to your child from birth are critical for her intelligence
  • The how-tos of reading aloud
  • The best kind of play

Bring your questions. I’m here to help. Your most important work is that of father.

 Book Jan to speak to parents or educators, school or church groups, home schools, workplace lunch & learns, or present at conferences.